Assured Destruction Review: Analyzing The Expanse - Anarchy In Space 026 Title Card

Assured Destruction Review: Analyzing The Expanse – Anarchy In Space 026

In today’s episode Nicky P and Eric review Assured Destruction, episode three of season three of The Expanse. It is abundantly clear, three episodes in, that season three refuses to pull off the gas. There is almost a nonsensical amount of material in this single episode. Errinwright convinces Esteban to start a pre-emptive  war with Mars and end it to unite humanity against whatever unknown threat is growing in the storms of Venus. This alone could be an entire episode but nay nay. Instead we get Cotyar on the Agatha King as prisoner at the same time UNN Admiral Nguyen has arrived to strut around and swing his dick in his former superiors face. Captain Souther isn’t buying everything he is told and manages to extract some information from Cotyar before Nguyen and his men take complete control of the ship. Head spinning yet? We haven’t even got to IO where Mao is ready to pull the plug on the Protomolecule project before Dr Strickland convinced him there’s reason to continue. Oh and Alex gets a message from his family and some closure while Naomi and Avasarala affirm they’re never gonna get along. Whew. I think that’s everything. Some shows entire seasons don’t cover this much ground.

Wikipedia Synopsis For Assured Destruction

  • Errinwright pushes a preemptive strike against Mars’ long-range capabilities.
  • Anna tells Esteban to take as few lives as possible so he refuses.
  • Errinwright tells Esteban he must end this war to unite humanity against whatever comes from Venus, so Esteban has Earth launch an attack.
  • A malfunction allows one Martian missile to kill two million people in South America, which Errinwright reveals to Anna.
  • Cotyar and Theo’s signal reaches the UNN ship Agatha King. Cotyar kills Theo to maintain the story of Avasarala’s death.
  • UNN Admiral Nguyen believes Avasarala to be alive and a traitor, and prepares to charge Cotyar with treason.
  • Captain Souther of the Agatha King believes Cotyar’s story about Errinwright, but Nguyen takes command and orders the ship to Io.
  • Mao begins to bond with Mei. He demands the project be shut down when an infected child begins dying.
  • Avasarala recovers and tells the crew of Mao and Bobbie’s role on Ganymede.
  • Holden still doesn’t want to get involved with the war.
  • Alex gets a message from his family that they don’t need him anymore. Avasarala is disgusted Naomi gave the protomolecule to Fred Johnson. Naomi swears to never let Avasarala or Earth get any protomolecule sample.


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