Cascade Review: Analyzing The Expanse - Anarchy In Space 020 Title Card

Cascade Review: Analyzing The Expanse – Anarchy In Space 020

In today’s episode Nicky P and Eric review Cascade, episode ten of season two of The Expanse. The big question on our minds is: how are they going to wrap up all of these loose ends before the season ends? We’ve got stories all over the galaxy and everything seems to be spreading instead of converging. Join us and see where the threads are leading..

Wikipedia Synopsis For Cascade

  • Despite chastisement from her commanding officers, Bobbie sneaks out of the Martian embassy to see the ocean.
  • She passes through an enclave of street people under some overpasses along the way.
  • Errinwright confesses to Avasarala his role in helping Jules-Pierre Mao with the Eros incident.
  • Avasarala approaches Bobbie with images of the inhuman figure from Ganymede, now believing Mao created it as a weapon which could wind up in Mars’ possession.
  • On Ganymede, Amos beats an information dealer for footage of Dr. Strickland taking Mei to the oldest part of Ganymede station.
  • Prax realizes too much damage has been done to Ganymede’s ecosystem to ever repair it.
  • Alone on the Rocinante, Alex receives the MCRN alert declaring Ganymede a no-fly zone.


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