If The Worst Happens,

Will Your Family Eat?

Are you increasingly concerned by what’s going on in the world around you as I have been?

Has the increased use of words like “food insecurity” on the daily news got you shaken?

Are you as prepared as you want to be for the worst?

If you answered no to that last question, YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

Worse yet I’ll bet it’s not for a lack of trying.

I’ve heard story after story along the lines of:

“I’ve tried and then something more important comes up, and let’s face it I don’t even have enough for the base tier on one of the survival food websites.”

How does this option grab you?

“For the price of a fast food meal a month you can begin building food security for your family.”

FOODFORLATER.COM is my answer to:

“How do you start building your own food security.”

Our idea starts with “out of sight out of mind.”

  • We draft $10 a week and put the money into a separate account from your normal banking and give you a virtual card to purchase any food storage or emergency supplies you desire.
  • This adds a layer of intention to the decision-making process when confronted with a desire to spend any saved-up money on something frivolous.
  • We couple this with strategies, deals, and offers to help you achieve food security in the most frugal way possible.

You know you need to save towards food security.

You’ve tried to do it on your own, but it never seems to work out as planned.

  • You’ve seen the news about Sri Lanka and Denmark imploding over their farming sectors, impacting food availability.
  • You’ve even seen your local store shelves thin out around you and wondering what item will be short next week, will there be enough food for your family, and will it get worse.
  • You’ve heard that the elites want you to eat fake meat and crickets and that you’ll like it, but this isn’t the future you envision for yourself or your family.

Think Global Financial Collapse Is Why This Matters

Let’s talk about the more likely dangers.

  • Hurricanes happen every year down on the east coast, causing flooding, power loss, supply issues, etc.
  • With inflation making everything more expensive, but the food budget staying the same, there’s a real concern about less food in the near future.
  • Getting snowed in is a normal part of winter in the north when county funds for plowing are tight.
  • With our price point and service, there is no logical reason to not make improvements in your security and preparedness today.
  • We’ve all seen the recent pandemic response affect everyone with job loss, food shortages, lockdowns, and worse.

As stability around you fails it’s on you to provide stability for your family. 

Even if FEMA could help, you’ve seen what their ‘too little too late” looks like. 

Your family has discussed the need, you’re blue in the face.  

After years of knowing saving food for a rainy day is a good thing, and even trying to set aside food and money yourself, let’s take a definite step forward and make yourself more secure and prepared.