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Who are WE to start a free market environmentalism podcast?

Free Markets Green earth is an irreverent podcast hosted by Nicky P of the Peace Freqs podcast and Ben the Liberty Hippie of the Homesteads and Homeschools podcast where we tackle issues in environmentalism with a belief that private property, innovation and a true free market are the only real solutions to our environmental woes.

Both hosts are natives of rural upstate New York (think cows and Amish) and lifelong treehuggers who have watched the earth ravaged under “the protection” of government. As with all things it seems rolling up your sleeves and handling it yourself is the only way to ensure the care our earth deserves.

Nick’s Big Questions

I think the  thing that has irked me the most listening to the narratives coming out of the mainstream environmental movement is the questions that often seem to never get answered. The movement has many platitudes that get strutted out and often parroted by people who have never seen a forest in real life. But when you try to go one layer deep they have nothing but retorts like “denier.”

My favorite to ask is: “By what mechanism?” Very rarely does anyone know or understand how the earth will be destroyed by something. They simply know that climate change will destroy the earth. We don’t even need to get into how insane some of the time projections are.

Another question I like to throw out is: “Why is a static environment the goal and where has this ever historically happened?” It’s a trick question because the only thing static about the environment is that it is constantly in flux. Look at the rise and fall of animal populations in any local forest. Its never static . These populations constantly swell in relationship to countless factors and would whether human beings were here or not.

Which leads me to my final question: “Why are people not considered natural?” If you follow any of the reasons far enough the story always becomes anti-human. Overpopulation and technology are often cited for how destructive we are. But all of these are states routinely reached by other animals. Go look at the destruction beavers can cause with a single damn, look at a large die off of dear who over  populate their habitat. Sure our impact might feel oversized but at a philosphical core there is nothing more natural than adapting your surroundings to be more hospitable.

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