The Monster and the Rocket Review: Analyzing The Expanse - Anarchy In Space 022 Title Card

The Monster and the Rocket Review: Analyzing The Expanse – Anarchy In Space 022

In today’s episode Nicky P and Eric review The Monster And The Rocket, episode twelve of season two of the expanse. In the episode we get a full look at just how treacherous Erinwright is willing to be. We get a glimpse of how comfortable Mao is playing arms dealer to everyone. Holden goes full Ahab putting the crew of the Roci in jeapoardy as he chases his monster. Meanwhile Naomi is given a real Kobiashi Maru scenario to navigate after repairing captain Trigglypuff’s ship. In the end Holden saves the day but we see his victory is about to be short lived as his great blue whale has decided to hitch a ride into space proper..

Wikipedia Synopsis For The Monster And The Rocket

  • Errinwright expresses remorse to Avasarala as she departs to Mao’s ship with Bobbie and Cotyar.
  • Mao claims he will give both Earth and Mars access to the protomolecule while he sits comfortably in the middle, preventing war.
  • Errinwright meets with Martian Defense Minister Korshunov, poisoning him with a banned toxin for Martians that makes it look as if he died from a heart attack while also ordering the destruction of the Martian black-ops ship MCRN Karakum that was dispatched to collect the protomolecule monster on Ganymede.
  • Errinwright subtly orders Mao to kill Avasarala and tie up loose ends.
  • Holden becomes increasingly aggressive while hunting the protomolecule monster.
  • Naomi and Amos repair the Somnambulist but it carries only enough air for 52 people, while over 300 refugees riot at the door.
  • Naomi, with the help of a Belter who gives up his spot to her, manages to evacuate all the children and some young adults.
  • When the Somnambulist is fired upon for violating the MCRN blockade, Alex convinces Holden to save them, threatening the MCRN ships with the Rocinante’s arsenal.
  • The protomolecule monster is shown to have stowed away aboard the Rocinante.

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