Storm Young: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 014

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Storm Young, wife, mother and author of two mystery novels set in her beloved West Virginia.

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Storm Young

Storm is the award winning author of The Penpal: A West Virginia Mystery & The Final Secret: A West Virginia Mystery. On top of being a college student and wife of a service member, Storm is also a mother. She has remarkably found time to balance all this while putting in some serious elbow grease toward selling her book.

Storm Young Has Cultivated Her Brand In The Iron Age

During my conversation with Storm I was routinely surprised by the guerrilla tactics she employed toward making her novels a reality. From her story of dictating her novels into her airpods while doing laundry to looking up contact info for every newspaper in West Virginia, she found ways to make it happen. On top of this I find the idea of a fairly tradition wife and mother chasing her dream of being a writer while still putting family first a breath of fresh air today. Outside of writing Storm and I shared a love of rural life and a passion for the environment.
Hopefully, you can learn from Storm and find creative ways to turn even small things into big marketing leverage.

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Shilling In The Iron Age

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