Triple Point Review: Analyzing The Expanse - Anarchy In Space 028 Title Card

Triple Point Review: Analyzing The Expanse – Anarchy In Space 028

In today’s episode Nicky P and The Rebel With A Cause review Triple Point, episode five of season three of The Expanse. Today’s episode was a real wild and wooly one. Souther attempts a mutiny against Admiral Nguyen and loses but ends up sparking a UNN internal battle as ships defect against the admiral. The Martians watch as their enemy attacks itself and decides the Errinwright video is the real deal. Naomi goes and sets herself against the Roci crew admitting she gave Fred Johnson a protomolecule sample. And if that wasn’t enough Mao proves he’s only part human by ordering Mei be infected for testing. In the end will she be saved or is it too late?

Wikipedia Synopsis For Triple Point

  • The Martian marines pass the Errinwright recording along to the captain of the Martian Hammurabi.
  • Avasarala admits Earth needs a protomolecule sample but wants to unite humanity and needs Holden’s help to end the war.
  • Naomi admits she gave the protomolecule sample to The Belt.
  • At the lab on Io, the boy tells Mao that the work on Venus is almost complete. Mao orders the next subject, Mei, to be infected.
  • Admiral Nguyen orders Mao to turn over control of the protomolecule monsters to him.
  • Souther and his crew attempt mutiny, announcing to both Earth and Mars that they want to stand down, but Nguyen kills Souther and those loyal to him.
  • The UNN ships begin firing on one another.
  • The Hammurabi offers aid to any Earth ship willing to stand down.
  • A wounded Nguyen launches the missiles containing the protomolecule monsters.


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