A.C. Pritchard: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 033

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to A.C. Pritchard, the writer behind “A Saga Of Sunsets.”

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator A.C. Pritchard

A. C. Pritchard has been writing his entire life. His literary career officially started in high school as a movie review columnist. From there, he spent a decade in music refining his craft before rediscovering his love for prose. He lives with his wife Kathryn and son Alexander in Minnesota.
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The Road To “A Saga Of Sunsets”

Nicky P & AC Pritchard discuss his collaboration with Luke Stone on their book ‘A Saga of Sunsets’, a story inspired by a prompt on ironage.media that combines elements of fantasy with Viking history. Pritchard talks about the world-building process and the steps he took to escalate the scale of the project. What began as a short story collection on Amazon was adapted into a comic concept which drew the attention of Luke Stone as an artist. The pair published a 15-page preview in Anvil Magazine and got to work on a full issue of the graphic novel. The section ends with a little bit on Pritchard’s background in writing, tabletop games, and music.

The Punk Rock DIY Ethos Takes On The Iron Age

Nicky P & AC Pritchard explore the connection between musicianship and artistry and ideology, particularly those with a libertarian background. Pritchard emphasizes the importance of a DIY (do-it-yourself) ethos in the art world and how it contributes to success. The discussion touches on the concept of overnight success and the role of record labels in the music industry using Tim Henson of Polyphia as an example. Managing production costs and expenses is highlighted, along with the significance of building awareness through merchandise. If you need more music talk the conversation also draws parallels between the impact of Napster on the music industry and the current changes happening in the publishing world.
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Mistakes Artists Make and How to Avoid Them

Nicky P. and AC Pritchard discuss various topics related to art, marketing, and building relationships in the creative industry. They emphasize the importance of creating boutique art and catering to a niche audience. Pritchard discusses the value of extras and additional content in attracting and retaining fans. He also touches on the mistakes that artists make, such as not focusing on their audience and not taking risks. The conversation highlights the need for artists to be proactive, learn new skills, and build relationships to succeed in the industry.
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Niche Markets & Special Interests

Nicky P. and AC Pritchard’s conversation revolves around the importance of engaging with the right audience and understanding their interests. It emphasizes the need to focus on niche markets and create content that resonates with specific groups. Pritchard laments ‘tourists’ in fandom and the challenges of appealing to a broad audience. The segment also touches on the impact of external events on marketing and the importance of adapting to changing circumstances.

The Importance of Passion and Care in Creative Projects

Nicky P. and AC Pritchard cover various topics including Hollywood, promoting a book, collaboration, education, and investing in oneself. Pritchard discusses the importance of passion and care in creative projects, using examples like the Avatar movie and the work of certain Hollywood figures. The conversation transitions to discussing collaboration and the importance of finding one’s niche in the crowded market. In the end, Pritchard reiterates the significance of education and learning in order to build one’s own audience by investing in oneself and being undeniable in one’s creative pursuits.
Hopefully, today’s episode with A.C. Pritchard inspires and educates you on your journey to bring your creation to the world.

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Shilling In The Iron Age

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