My Podcast Graveyard


I have been podcasting for years.

Different things have come and gone in that time

This is where I’m keeping all my old shows.


Misfit Family (2023)

When I left my last corporate job and decided to start working for myself, I wanted to talk to other people in the same boat.

I would still do this show, but finding the type of guests I wanted was too difficult, and I had another much easier-to-build podcast at the time.

Road To Hell Film Reviews (2023)

This was another joint podcast, this time with Danny McCarthy of The Story Of Nowhere podcast.

If we had unlimited time we’d still be doing this one today, but there are babies and such.

Married To Liberty (’19-’20)

When Sounds Like Liberty was brought onto the Launchpad Network, we were asked to do a paywall show.

We thought short episodes about our family life and being new to libertarian ideas would be an easy show.

Year-Round Tree (’19-’20)

We love Christmas in our household and wanted to make a podcast showing off our affinity.

If we could do one podcast for the rest of our lives together Lizie and I would do this one.

Parent To Podcaster (’19-’20)

This was a brief stint into trying to find a niche to market to.

As a parent who put in some serious hours learning to podcast, I figured I could pass that along.

Free Markets Green Earth (’19-’20)

This was another podcast that started out as a bonus show with my friend Ben the Liberty Hippie.

It ended up being made a show all its own and is my second longest running podcast.

The Introvert Musician (’19-’20)

For a while, I tried launching a business training wannabe musicians with social anxiety.

It never really took off but I put some effort into it while I was doing it.

This Week In Liberpods (’19-’20)

This was one of my earliest podcast endeavors. 

It was conceived of as a libertarian podcast clip show. It went a long way to help me network .

Anarchy In Space (’19-’20)

In an effort to come up with podcast bonus content, I joined forces with Eric from the Rebel With A Cause podcast.

Given its inherent political nature and our joint interest in sci-fi, we started going through The Expanse episode by episode.

Peace Freqs/Sounds Like Liberty (’17-’20)

This was my first and longest-running podcast.

It started as a music show for libertarians, then to a music show with libertarians, and eventually turned into a show about living life as a libertarian with a family.

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