Hi, I’m Nicky P


I’m the guy in the glasses.

I make podcasts, music & websites.

I like to run my mouth and help others do the same.



Nicky P

Big Love Acoustic Duo

Puma Thurman

Pelcone & Co.

Burns To The Soul

Nick Piccone

Vrede Hemel

The Decoys


Ballad Of Do Nothing Man Is Out Now

Ballad Of Do Nothing Man Is Out Now

Get Your Lions Of Liberty & Nick Piccone Crossover Fix The Ballad Of Do Nothing Man was created in homage to Brian McWilliam's libertarian cartoon character Do Nothing Man. The Lions Of Liberty bonus show is a vintage audio drama in the vein of Buck Rodgers or...

Puma Thurman: Vol 1 Is Available Now

Puma Thurman: Vol 1 Is Available Now

Welcome Puma Thurman With Vol 1 We're pleased as punch to finally get this group of songs out and onto the internet. The trials were many as adulting and children each found different ways to thwart the progress of Puma Thurma Vol 1 but here we years later with 6...


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