Emmanuel Thompson: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 005

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing I talk to young creator Emmanuel Thompson about bringing his book Gangster Planet to market.

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Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Emmanuel Thompson

Hailing from Dorchester,  Massachusettes, Emmanuel Thompson emblemizes the best in youthful ambition. At his age, I was in an unsuccessful band, yet he’s managed to release a book, begin his journey toward pro wrestling, and release multiple tracks as a black metal singer. The Gangster Planet, Emmanuel describes to me as a hodgepodge of all the best tropes post-apocalyptic literature brings. Anything that stinks of Mad Max immediately has my attention.

Emmanual Thompson Tries To Guide Society With A Steady Hand

My conversation with Emmanuel was definitely more “Raw” than some of my other guests, but that goes hand in hand with his fearless nature in covering topics. We covered not only race and politics, but the place for violence in a civilized society. He gets candid about his own socioeconomic journey while always sounding optimistic and hopeful about the future. Obviously, a surprising vibe considering he’s the author of dystopic fiction.
Whether you know him as Emmanual Thompson, Tepesh, or Ethan Bricks, I can assure you he is going to push the envelope in whatever medium you catch him using.

Shilling In The Iron Age

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