Jesse Blaze Snider: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 032

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Jesse Blaze Snider creator of Fucking For Our Future now funding on Kickstarter.

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Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Jesse Blaze Snider

Jesse was hired out of university by MTV Networks at 19 years old, and has maintained a steady career in broadcasting, as a host, voiceover artist & music producer ever since. His first professional work as a comic book scriptwriter was published by Marvel Comics before the age of 25. Since then, he has gone on to work with every major publisher and become a pillar of the convention circuit, hosting “Hall A” panels, judging “cosplay” contests & acting as master of ceremonies for Clutter Magazine’s “Designer Toy Awards”.

At 26, Jesse became a national champion playing with the Brooklyn Mariners semi-pro football team. He is also an award-winning producer who worked with his talented family on two short films, “All That Remains” and “Fool’s Day.” In addition, Jesse has appeared on HBO, VH1, Travel Chanel, and a host of online platforms. His fourth child’s surprise birth on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, became a viral video now been seen by billions.

Now, a 40 year old, father-of-four, Jesse has created music for the likes of Fox, Toyota, ESPN & others, written comic book scripts for Disney*Pixar, Deadpool, The Muppets & more, while continuing to produce original content for vendors like A&E Channel, DC Entertainment, Juvenile Diabetes & then some.

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Playing to the Market: The Key to Crowdfunding Success

Nicky P and Jesse Blaze Snyder discuss the importance of playing to the market when launching a crowdfunding campaign. Jesse highlights the need for kind-hearted and talented creators to take control of the comic book industry and support each other. They also emphasize the importance of marketing and understanding the audience when creating art. The conversation touches on the challenges of independent publishing and the need for quality and collectability in comics. Overall, the episode encourages artists to focus on creating stories that resonate with the audience and deliver satisfying endings.

Finding a Niche and Connecting with Actual Fans

Nicky P and Jesse Blaze Snyder explore the importance of building relationships in marketing and storytelling. The pair discuss the concept of permaculture and how it can be applied to marketing and comic book creation. They also touch on the significance of titles and covers in attracting an audience. Jesse highlights the need to find a niche and connect with the actual fans who are willing to buy and engage with the content. The segment concludes with a discussion on the reading numbers in the comic book industry and the importance of quality control.
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The Tyranny of DEI Rules in Entertainment

Nicky P and Jesse Blaze Snyder explore the downfall of the media industry and the impact of woke culture. Jesse discusses their experience in the entertainment business and witnessing the changes and challenges firsthand. He expresses his frustration with the current state of the social justice movement and the division it now creates. He also touches on the need for centrist leadership and the negative effects of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) rules in entertainment. Both Jesse and Nicky discuss the changes in the portrayal of strong female characters in comics and the disconnect between fans and creators.
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Exploring Nudity on Comic Book Covers

Nicky P and Jesse Blaze Snider discuss his comic book ‘Fucking for the Future’ and his thoughts on nudity on comic book covers. Jesse explains how he wanted to create a book where nudity is built into the concept, rather than being used as a tool to sell the book. He shares the premise of the comic, which takes place on Planet Glonn where men and women have separated and evolved in different ways. The women, who live in a matriarchal paradise, need the men’s sperm and send a princess to collect samples in a hypersexualized mech suit. Jesse also lets us in on his plans for future issues of the comic.
Hopefully, today’s episode with Jesse Blaze Snider inspires and educates you on your journey to bring your creation to the world.

Jesse Blaze Snider Resources & Extra Media

  • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boobies/fucking-for-our-future-adult-sci-fi-waifu-comics-and-cards/description

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