John Leister: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 008

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to John Leister, Canadian author of over eighty books since 2019.

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator John Leister

John Leister is one of the most interesting guests to date and while his approach to writing might be controversial, the joy it brings him seems genuine. For John, the writing is part of a broader story weaving its way through depression, health, and religion. John describes his old life like so many of us out there lazy and voyeuristic filled with appreciation of others’ hard work but missing the spark that makes us take interest in our own lives. His writing career hasn’t done away with his need for a day job as a security guard but it has been an integral part of his radical personal growth.

It’s Never Too Late To Become The Creative You Want To Be With John Leister

My first encounter with john was an unsolicited email I woke my wife up to discuss. It was one of the best sales emails I’d ever gotten from a perspective guest. I immediately wrote him back to set up a recording. Most of today’s episode is honestly John telling us his story of inspiration after finding god. Whatever your religious inclinations are, however, there is no doubt the defining moment of John’s life has made him a better and more joyful individual.
I hope that today’s episode makes you look at your own life and decide to live it to its fullest. Find the joy John has found, for yourself.

John Leister Resources & Extra Media

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/497054801130251

Shilling In The Iron Age

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