Remso Martinez: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 006

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Remso Martinez, an author, professional marketer & comics podcaster.

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Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Remso Martinez

Remso Martinez is more than just a personal friend with two books and a bestseller under his belt. He’s also a professional marketer with years of experience as a podcaster himself. On top of this, Remso had spent years working in everything from politics to nonprofits, from newspapers to cosmetics sales, even down to GameStop when he was on the come-up. More than just a hard worker naturally carrying the Iron Age Ethos, Remso is rich in valuable information for those ready to build a personal brand.

Wisdom From Remso Martinez,  Professional Marketer & Iron Age Creator

Today’s episode was a little difficult to keep corraled. As much as I wanted to talk books, there was too much marketing gold to pass up. Remso shared his different experiences bringing both Stay Away From The Libertarians! and How To Succeed In Politics (And Other Forms Of Devil Worship) to market, as well as insights into the different experiences he has had in his career in marketing. I promise today’s episode was absolute fire.
Hopefully, my conversation with Remso today was both inspiring and informative. If we did our job, we should see more of you popping up on ironage.media making yourself part of the growing creator community.

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Shilling In The Iron Age

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