Ali Sanguis: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 025

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Ali Sanguis, creator extraordinaire and the brainchild behind Eggbeater, the comic.

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Ali Sanguis

Ali is an author, editor, and voice actress. She grew up in Colorado and has been writing and reading most of her life. As a child, she wrote books on Post-it notes and shared them around her grandmother’s office. She read books under the covers with a flashlight when she should have been asleep. Now, she lives in Florida, self-publishes novels and comics, and is still a night owl.
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Writing Prolificly and Giving Up On Trad Pub

 Our interview starts out with Ali giving Nicky P a quick rundown on her writing output up until this point. Her works have included everything from books of poetry to guided sketchbooks for children.
Given the breadth of her background, it seems odd that she wouldn’t have found a home on some small publisher. Nick’s curiosity into the matter is met with an all too familiar tale of being stymied for not being diverse enough for the greater publishing world to care about.

Eggbeater, Classic Horror And Local Printers

In the second part of our conversation, Ali gives Nicky P the ten thousand-foot view of her forthcoming horror comic Eggbeater. The book is an homage to different types of horror tome before it. From EC comics to Troma & The Crow, she lays her influences Bare.
To end this portion of the conversation, Ali gives Nicky P a small glimpse into the fulfillment side of her project. This includes her decision to print the book locally instead of with an overseas printer.
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Bringing Readers Into The Story And Being Prolific

Getting deeper into the conversation with Ali, we discuss the little ways in which she draws her audience into the story and success of Eggbeater. Referring to her backers as “bakers” is such a small but uniquely effective way to increase her signal-to-noise ratio.
Continuing on, we get into whether or not her decision to not specialize in a specific genre or type of writing holds her back in her branding. The way she sees it, it only opens her up to other new and different opportunities every time she proves she can accomplish something new.

Dracula, Hemlock Grove, And Horror Pop Culture

Nicky P isn’t often gifted with a fellow horror fan, and for a few minutes, he takes the opportunity to geek out about some of their favorite stories and the ones they think are overrated. The consensus is that Dracula is an overhyped imitation of Frankenstein and that Hemlock Grove gave us two genius seasons before losing its way. Meanwhile, shots are fired at Stephanie Meyer for her created werewolf lore.
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Dean Koontz & Not Wasting Your Energy As An Author

As we approach the end of the interview, Nicky P brings out his favorite author Clive Barker, while Ali thanks him for not saying Steven King. She then takes some time to school Nicky on some of Dean Koontz’s catalog he apparently missed.
In a final recommendation to our listeners, Ali recommends saving your energy for creation and avoiding being sucked into online drama. Watch the drama if you like. Debate people if you must, but avoid the drama because it’s demeaning to your fans. Much like George RR Martin’s fans seeing him avoid finishing their story, they see you not working on what they love.
Hopefully, today’s episode with Ali Sanguis serves as both inspiration and education in your own journey to bring your creation to the world.

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Shilling In The Iron Age

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