Branded Review: Road To Hell Film Reviews Episode 005

Today’s episode is our Branded review. The episode gives Nicky P and Danny a solid place to discuss ethics and marketing technology.

What’s To Review In Branded

Set in post-Cold War Moscow, Branded portrays the arrival and dominance of capitalism in the former Soviet Union. We follow a high-ranking marketing executive, Misha, as he rises to the top in his cutthroat field until he is suddenly and traumatically interrupted by a spiritual awakening. Endowed with the ability to actually see brands, odd, alien-like entities which attach themselves like parasites to unsuspecting consumers, Misha uses his marketing prowess to wage war against harmful and unhealthy brands.
Misha’s end goal is obscure. Has his spiritualism led him to forsake all capitalism and commercialism? Has he become some sort of neo-communist? Or, has he come to see that some brands are better than others and that a market can only be safe when there is a marketer-prophet such as himself around to clean house? The film is riddled with political and occult symbolism, which itself raises questions about the subconscious, primitive, and archetypal “branding,” while the plot itself sparks interesting and important questions about how influential advertising and marketing really are. Just how malleable are human beings, really? How much or how little control do we have over our decisions?
Join us for our Branded Review, episode number five of The Road to Hell film Review podcast!
  • Jamie Bradshaw & Aleksandr Dulerayn
  • Ed Stoppard as “Misha”
  • Leelee Sobieski as “Abby”
  • Jeffrey Tambor as “Bob”
  • Max von Sydow as “The Guru”
  • Mariya Ignatova as “Master of Ceremony”


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