Cabbie Seeks Freedom As A Content Creator: Misfit Family 004 Title Card

Cabbie Seeks Freedom As A Content Creator: Misfit Family 004

In today’s episode, Lizzie and I talk to our friend, Brian D O’Leary. Brian has tried jobs from cabbie to baseball coach as he seeks freedom.

Today’s Guest: Brian D O’Leary

Brian currently keeps 9-5 hours writing for his substack and publishing his O’Leary Review podcast out of California. The podcast started out as The Sportslander podcast attempting to fill the sports void during the 2021 pandemic but has recently grown to be more of a general social commentary podcast. Throughout the twists and turns Brian continues to work on the skills to get better and grow.

Cabbie Seeks Freedom As A Content Creator

While Brian is giving it his all today, balancing marriage and kids, with starting from the bottom in a new career, the path here was anything but linear. Nicky P and Lizzie listen intently as our guest shares stories of being a cabbie in the Portland area, as well as his time as a “professional volunteer” coaching baseball. Is the journey over, or are we just at another stop on the learning journey?
Today’s episode should be a great lesson for all the parents that if they keep their eyes and minds open, the opportunity to grow might be just around the corner.
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