Children Of Men Review: Road To Hell Film Reviews Episode 008

In today’s episode, Nicky P and Danny review Children Of Men and discuss the origin of Eugenics as well as collapse economics.

What’s To Review In Children Of Men?

Global civilization has fallen. Britain alone hangs on by a thread. Migrants and refugees flood into a nation which can’t sustain them. The government, struggling to maintain order, exerts whatever power it has with as much force as it can, as the bombs of desperate terrorists explode in the streets and as more and more people succumb to misery. This vision of England in the year 2027 is bleak indeed, for no baby has been born on earth for eighteen long years. Suddenly, without explanation, people just stopped being able to reproduce. There are no more children. There is just a world of adults—sullen, hopeless adults—with no future to fight for and no reason to live.
Theo Faron, a jaded former activist turned low-level government bureaucrat, is introduced by his estranged wife to Kee, a poor refugee seeking passage through England. Theo’s wife is killed in an ambush, leaving Kee in his reluctant hands. Kee reveals to the cynical Theo that she is pregnant; she is the first person to be pregnant in nearly two decades. Discovering that his wife’s ambitious comrades were responsible for her death, and that they planned to use Kee’s baby as a political tool, Theo and Kee flee their wicked designs and set out to get Kee to the mysterious Human Project, a much fabled band of scientists working to cure humanity’s infertility. 

Fear And Self Loathing In A Children Of Men Review

In this episode of The Road to Hell, Nicky and Danny explore the dismal subject of human infertility, and how, as Children of Men aptly displays, a world without children is not worth living in. Nonetheless, there are those in power here in the real world who would like to limit human reproduction, supposedly in order to “save the planet.” However, the control of human breeding has always been a key element in political Utopianism throughout history. For an introduction to eugenics in the United States and much, much more, tune into this episode of The Road to Hell film review podcast!
Today’s episode was certainly a doozy. We covered the failing modern economic model when applied to the natural plateauing of human population growth. We also covered the origins of the Eugenics movement as well as it’s connections to the current antihuman population movement. It sounds impossible to not be more informed than you were beforehand.


  • Alfonso Cuarón


  • Alfonso Cuarón
  • Timothy J. Sexton
  • David Arata
  • Mark Fergus
  • Hawk Ostby


  • Clive Owen as “Theo Faron”
  • Clare-Hope Ashitey as “Kee”
  • Michael Caine as “Jasper Palmer”
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as “Luke”
  • Julianne Moore as “Julian Taylor”

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