Christy McKenzie: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 034

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Christy McKenzie, part of the brain trust behind the satire magazine Flip City Mag.

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Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Christy McKenzie

Christy McKenzie, along with her husband Scott, are the fearless super straight editors of FLIP CITY Mag. They put their lives on the line to bring you the free world’s most based shits and/or giggles. Flip City Mag describes itself as America’s premiere (albeit only) satirically correct magazine bringing you a hefty dose of humor and sass brought to you four times a year in print. Christy, as her online personality Kitty Filips, describes herself as a Public Relations novice and radical constitutionalist who loves Jesus and is simultaneously Salty&Sweet.
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Expanding Reach and Attracting New Customers

Nicky P discusses with Christy from Flip City Mag’s marketing strategies and the importance of expanding their reach beyond their current audience. Christy shares how Flip City Mag started and their mission to push back on mainstream narratives. She also places the magazine into the broader Truth and Freedom movement and explains how they found their way into it. Christy mentions her podcast, Creative Chaos, and its approach to featuring creators outside the mainstream, as well as discusses Flip City Mag’s distribution model and a foray into crowdfunding.
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Addressing The Marketing Challenges For Creatives

Nicky P and Christy continue their conversation around marketing a crowdfunding campaign for Flip City Mag. The discussion moves between relationship building, marketing strategies, the benefits of crowdfunding, the content of Flip City Magazine, and the challenges of marketing for creatives. Nicky P and Christy also touche on the importance of mindset and self-confidence in marketing and the need for creatives to step out of their comfort zones.
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Strategies For Expanding Your Audience

In this conversation, Nicky P interviews Christie from Flip City Magazine about finding confidence and expanding the audience for creative endeavors. They discuss strategies for overcoming social media anxiety, creating a persona online, and dealing with the challenges of working with multiple contributors. They also touch on the importance of building relationships and finding the right platforms to reach the target audience. The conversation concludes with Christie offering advice for indie creators and promoting her marketing services.
Hopefully, today’s episode with Christy McKenzie inspires and educates you on your journey to bring your creation to the world.

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Shilling In The Iron Age

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