Daniel McCarthy: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 013

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Daniel McCarthy, the brainchild behind The Story Of Nowhere Project.

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy is an expert on Utopian history and the author of The Story Of Nowhere. His book and podcast of the same name are part of his greater The Story Of Nowhere Project where he has sought to disentangle the web of Utopian ideology at play throughout history. As part of his efforts he has also sought to preserve in physical form, books that are continuing to disappear from visibility online either entirely or behind costly paywalls. The love of reading and exploration are behind so much of Danny’s efforts. If this wasn’t a large enough project for someone under thirty to take on, Danny has a second podcast with yours truly applying his expertise to science fiction film analysis.

Daniel McCarthy Is Fighting The New Burning Of The Library Of Alexandria In The Iron Age

My conversation with Daniel gets a little blue, which is what i expect of a 3rd shift factory worker with an eye toward documenting shadowy powerful organizations and their propaganda efforts, so be warned. In our conversation we discuss Danny’s desire to preserve as much of the content as he can from disappearing down the internet wormhole. While we are primarily concerned with creating art that we see being ignored by the market in an effort to memory hole ideas that are unpalatable to some, there is also an effort to bury old outdated parts of historical cannon for “non-experts.” These people might otherwise be known as non-sanctioned thinkers.
Hopefully, in today’s episode, Danny can inspire you to love physical books as much as he does and take a greater interest in preserving them in the wake of the great digitization.

Shilling In The Iron Age

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