Edward Black: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 001

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing I talk to Edward Black, creator of the webcomic I Survived The Kali Yuga.

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Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Edward Black

The value of the decentralization of art is a definite point of contention amongst gatekeepers and pundits today. But for creators, the bottom line is it’s blown the doors wide open for all comers. One creator who met the call was mid-westerner Edward Black. Black is an unlikely candidate who somehow managed to parle his meme lord status into something more. His creation I survived The Kali Yuga sits in this strange place between humorous psychedelic daily satire memes and a full-blown neo-noir serial book.

What The Iron Age Really Is With Edward Black

While Edward and myself cover his career so far and how he balances that with family life and a day job, we also get into the Iron Age Media movement broadly. What started as a simple response to market demand has created a movement all its own. Both Black& myself are in love with the sudden spike in pulp and genre content coming out and look forward to more creators jumping into the fray.
Gatekeepers blocking the stream will inevitably create a flood, and I’m more than happy going night-fishing on the lake they create. I’ve got my big rod i’m hoping for a monster.

Shilling In The Iron Age

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