If there is one kingdom of life that is routinely ignored and completely undervalued its that of the Fungus. There are so many uses for fungus and their mycelium, but the field of mycology is still growing and its uses are still being discovered. In this episode, the Liberty Hippie and Nicky P. talk about the many uses of mycelium and fungus that are being used across many different fields from meat substitutes to plastic digestion to biopesticides. The uses for mycelium will continue to grow through free-market demand and research. Stay tuned. Links If you enjoyed the show, you can find it on Facebook, give it a like and a share, or even a review on iTunes. And if you’re so inclined, you can always use the gmail to make your feelings heard: FreeMarketsGreenEarth@gmail.com. You can also support out Ben and Nicky through their own shows, Homesteads and Homeschools and Sounds Like Liberty, respectively.