In today’s episode we start with some hilarious grand gesture virtue signals. I” not sure how much Rhianna’s Diamond Ball remarks or Timberlands new eco line really meet the standard for environmental activism but you need to know we’re on board with the agenda.From there we take a little jaunt to watch as president Trump wields the EPA like a club to force San Fransisco to do something about their homeless problem. You know that EPA that’s supposed to be the unbiased referee in the game? We know that’s bullshit but we need to help more people see it.

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If this isn’t enough craziness we take longer look at the relaxing of CAFE standards by Trump while California defiantly makes a claim for states right…I know ridiculous but lets hope it catches on. If that wasn’t enough we get a great example of cronyism as the manufacturers beg for the harsher admission standards across the board because we all know how caring they are…or just hate the idea of not being protected from competition by labyrinthine compliance mandates of every stripe. If you care to hear a much smarter energy expert on the topic might i recommend Episode 205 of Contra Krugman.

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I’m glad California hasn’t over-run the entire country yet is what this episode is getting at.

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