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For Whom The Sleighbell Tolls Review (American Dad Episode) – Year-Round Tree 020

In today’s episode Nicky P and Lizzie review For Whom The Sleighbell Tolls, episode eight from season six of American Dad. The show is one of Nicky’s favorites and despite the rampant violence even managed to get a few chuckles out of Lizzie. I’m always amazed when shows centered around ensemble casts of terrible people still manage to put out episodes with genuine heart. This is one of those episodes. In the fields of maimed elven soldiers and piles of gored reindeer, the Smith family leans into family and survives Santa’s waves of attacks. For this year anyway. This was a wonderful start to the Year-Round Tree season, thanks for spending it with us.

Beverages For Round The Fireplace

Nicky P has shown up with a Yuletide Moon Red Holiday Cocktail, recipe care of cottercrunch.com featuring: a merlot, bourbon, maple syrup, cherries, clementine juice, and a bit of cinnamon.

Lizzie is drinking a Rosemary Gin Gimlet from Biscuits & Booze featuring: Gin, lime Juice, Pomegranate Arils, Simple Syrup and rosemary sprigs. Basically, it’s a G&T with extra herbal flavor.


Christmas Sweater Fever

Nicky P decided topless was the best choice for this episode in an effort to really get the hillbilly moonshiner vibe.

Lizzie was apparently riled up by Stan Smith and has shown up to our recording wearing a bikini made out of popcorn and cranberries like the classic garland. No complaints for me.

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