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The Free Markets Green Earth Mission

Free Markets Green Earth 060

This week on Free Markets, Green Earth, Nicky P and The Liberty Hippie have a discussion about the mission of the show. Our main tenet is that free markets, private property and innovation are the best case for protecting the environment and offsetting any negative externalities that are the result of us interacting with our environment. Leaving protection to the government is one one of the worst ways to safeguard mother nature. We aim to fight against the anti-human forces that treat us like a virus as opposed to a part of the very nature we are trying to protect. They might call us climate deniers but ad hominems are the way everyone who’s losing the conversation goes. Lastly we also reiterate the need for your help to grow the show. All with the irreverence you’ve come to expect. Lets teach the world how to really save the earth.

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Free Markets, Green Earth is hosted by Nicky P (Peace Freqs) as well as The Liberty Hippie: Ben Pangie (Homesteads & Homeschools Podcast.)

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