Johnny Mnemonic Review: Road To Hell Film Reviews Episode 006

Today’s episode is our Johnny Mnemonic review, Nicky P and Danny discuss transhumanism and how the vision of future technology changes.

What’s To Review In Johnny Mnemonic

The year is 2021. The world is in the grip of a deadly pandemic, Nerve Attenuation Syndrome, or NAS. Society is breaking down. Corruption reigns supreme. People willingly subject themselves to cybernetic augmentation in order to compete in the new technological economy. For its role in treating NAS, Pharmakom, a gigantic pharmaceutical company, has gained immense international power. But, power doesn’t maintain itself, and Pharmakom has outsourced its security to the Yakuza, and the Japanese mob is a ruthless security force.
In the midst of all this, a mnemonic courier named Johnny has been cybernetically augmented to store copious amounts of digital information in his brain. He is hired to transport data for a group of scientists. He quickly learns that he’s bitten off more than he wished to chew as the Yakuza appear in hot pursuit. Escaping into the New jersey underground, Johnny learns the nature of the data he is transporting and hopes to have it removed from his memory. Pharmakom, still hunting Johnny, calls upon the services of Karl, a sadistic cyborg street preacher. Johnny and his rag-tag band of renegades are able to get online with the help of Jones, a “modified” Navy test subject, and reveal the truth about Pharmakom and NAS to the public. 

What We Discuss In Our Johnny Mnemonic Review

In this episode of The Road to Hell, Nicky and Danny discuss the potential unexpected, and unwanted, consequences of untrammeled technological progress. They consider what this bleak view of the future says about the people and the generation that made this movie. They discuss the quasi-Christian imagery present in the movie and ask what message it was intended to convey.

Join us for our Johnny Mnemonic Review, episode number six of The Road to Hell film Review podcast!
  • William Gibson
  • Robert Longo
  • Keanu Reeves as “Johnny”
  • Dina Meyer as “Jane”
  • Dolph Lundgren as “Karl”
  • Takeshi Kitano as “Takahashi”
  • Ice-T as “J-Bone”
  • Henry Rollins as “Spider”

Johnny Mnemonic Review Resources & Extra Media


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