JV Hilliard : Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 007

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to JV Hilliard, creator of the Warminster fantasy book series and a current caretaker at Altered Reality Magazine.

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator JV Hilliard

I’m going to write a few brief sentences about today’s guest here but I encourage you to go to his website and enjoy the fantastical retelling of his origins available there. For our purposes JV Hilliard is a man who found himself with a lot of extra time in the middle of 2021 and rather than waste away decided to start hacking away at his bucket list. Part of his bucket list included trying his hand at writing the fantasy fiction he loved so much. Fortunes conspired and what he expected to be a single novel foray into self publication turned into a four book series (Warminster) on Dragon Moon Press. If that wasn’t enough he found himself behind the scenes at speculative fiction E-magazine Altered Reality Magazine. As of this interview he’s waiting on the release of his third novel in the Warminster series.

JV Hilliard Shows Us Where Luck And Hard Work Meet In The Iron Age

This is standing as one of the most jam packed episodes of the show to date. If your canny you can hear in the episode where I tried to end it for time and yet we managed to find an extra ten minutes to talk about the state of audio books in the modern age. Before that we talked a lot about the stepping stones available to unpublished authors as well as the ways they can start building their tribes as authors. One of the moments that stands out for me is the recurrence of relationship building being a part of the marketing process at all phases yet again. To this end Hilliard opens himself up to all my listeners to pay forward the help he received on his rise.
Hopefully, you walk away from today’s interview with the knowledge you can accomplish more than you expect if you’re willing to combine passion with elbow grease and take advantage of the openings as they present themselves.

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Shilling In The Iron Age

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