Perhaps one of my favorite New Years traditions to spring up in the past few years is apparently ringing in the calendar change with The Pholosopher and company dropping a new AnCap themed track on us.

This years installment focuses less on economics and more on impending civil unrest due to increased pressure from government in a number of different ways at various levels. Is it Trumps passing of a 1.4T federal deficit budget this year or the threats of gun control in Virginia that will bring on the impending “boogaloo?” Personally I hope neither. But I’m a hippie of the highest order and think any society born of violence is doomed to violence; think peaceful parenting on a societal level. But I digress, back to the track.

First off I’ll admit this style of music makes me feel old as shit. I’ve never understood “Trap.” I’m a classics man myself. Think: Tribe Called Quest, Wutang Clan, The Bloodhound Gang (their first disc with Daddy Longlegs.) For this reason I’m not even gonna bother trying to judge the quality of the music or rhymes. Lil Yachty is famous as shit and sounds more…special…than Mase ever did, so what the hell do I know.

What I can comment on in good faith are audio quality and content.

  • Audio Quality – Great! Sounds professional, no logo earsplitter here.
  • Content – Hilarious!

The thing I love about Pho’s tracks are that their basically stream of consciousness madlibs of Anarchoinc-Capitalist buzzwords. Watching the video with anyone is sure to beg the question “what is she talking about” and give you the perfect opening for you to lay out your thesis for a more peaceful existence under the NAP. This is where the track shines for sure. My daughter had endless questions, though we pick and choose which to answer.

My one criticism is on the video. After all the flash of last years Ancap Grind a simple lyric video doesn’t carry the same impact but let’s blame that on Ancaps being the poorest of the Caps because…ya know…ethics and shit. This is a minor quibble of course and probably born more out of a mammalian attraction to a cute Asian girl in fun outfits than a real necessity for a flashy video.

All that said, go stream the video and help Pho battle the Youtube algorithm, 2019 has been an upsetting year for the platform and we need to be diligent to support our creators.

One last thing. If you’re into music check out the Freedom Song 365 projects writeup last January on Ancap Grind. Check out the other 364 songs we covered too, while you’re at it.