Taxidermist Handshakes His Way To A Better Life: Misfit Family 005 Title Card

Taxidermist Handshakes His Way To A Better Life: Misfit Family 005

In today’s episode, Nicky P And Lizzie talk to our friend Seth Vidrine about how a taxidermist handshakes his way to a better life.

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Today’s Guest: Seth Vidrine

I’ve known Seth for a few years online. When we met he was a teacher trying to get out of his career. A physics nerd is the last person you expect to see in the taxidermy field but right on his frontpage for Bayou Life Taxidermy you get it. His family has been mounting animals for 50 years in Louisiana. More importantly Seth has made a name for himself with an ancient super-predator, the Alligator.

Taxidermist Handshakes His Way To A Better Life

Today’s episode is actually a redo of an episode we tried to put out last year. We’re glad we waited though, because in the past year Seth’s business has really taken off. When asked what the big difference is he tells its the “handshake deals.” We dig into how building mutually beneficial relationships is his big lesson in the past year. He tells us about how he used to dread calling people for business. A year later phone calls are his best friend in creating streams of customer. Listen to find out more.
Todays episode is a great reminder in the importance of building relationships to take your business to the next level. On top of that Seth sends us away with a reminder that perseverance is the real secret sauce to entrepreneurship.
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