So today marked the first cycle through the alt-shift diet. So far i dig it. It doesn’t feel as restrictive as others I’ve tried. The 5 days Keto/3 days low fat seems to be fairly easy. The big win. I get to eat fruit again for at least 3 days out of 8. We’ll see if any of this transfers into losses/gains on the scale. I’m sure it’s not gonna work as well as straight Keto but perhaps it’s more doable long-term. Big Thanks to Brett over at The School Sucks Project for turning me onto it. An added shout-out for reminding me Trader Joe’s is a thing.

Diet aside, today i decided to try and throw out a virtual shingle and try and start a business as a vocal coach locally. I’ve picked up some skills from the Introvert Musician project so it feels like i should be able to get some work with a basic sales page and some facebook ads. It would be great if I could at the very least get this to replace my day job until I can get the online business thing rolling nicely. Baby steps on the way to the final goal of location & time freedom. It just seems like it is a skill i have right now and know I can do which is a little less floofy than trying to create a market around training musicians for business success.

What brings these things together in my mind? Nothing with any value to any onlookers I’m sure. Truthfully it’s just a few examples of ways i’m trying to grow and improve myself for Liz & Erma. November 2021 is coming fast & I need a way to be done with working for someone one way or the other. Three cheers for getting our lives in order.