I complain every chance I get these days about my day job. I’m sure it’s annoying to other people, but it’s really annoying to me. That’s a feature not a bug in the system. The bottom line is there’s very little growth potential for me at my job and my personality is going to become insufferable really soon. I’m not looking to be a millionaire…I mean I’ll take it if t happens but that’s not my aim. I’m looking for some time & location independence.

When I got myself wrapped up in the liberty movement and made all my nice new friends online it was only natural I’d want to go and enjoy some time getting to know these people that love freedom. Being locked in a position where my nights and weekends aren’t mine with a job that gets in the way of me making more money doing something I love is a bit hard to deal with.

So each time I complain, it’s for my own benefit, to remind myself of what’s at stake for me. To push me into writing just a little bit more on the websites or working on a funnel or designing some new content. Sorry if the complaining is too much.