Will G: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 010

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Will G, creator of the comic Reactive Weaponized Armor.

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Will G

Will G is the creator and writer of the comic Reactive Weaponized Armor as well as a screenwriter out of Texas.  Reactive Weaponized Armor is highly influenced by Japanese Manga as well as franchises like The Guyver and The Power Rangers.

Original Just Means Lots Of Influences In The Iron Age With Will G

Today’s discussion with Will G was a fun look at how influences amalgamate into a new idea. We spent a fair bit of time going over how Will found his way to comic writing in the first place, as well as the art that pushed him to get involved in the first place. In addition to Will’s influences, we also discussed his general marketing strategy, which includes social media as well as pressing the flesh at cons.
Hopefully, my conversation with today’s guest Will G has inspired you to start telling the story you want to tell and have fun with it.

Shilling In The Iron Age

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