Kid’s movies are low brain power, easy watching films that allow a time to “bond” with your kids while allowing the adult brain to relax and reset; that is, of course, as long as the film doesn’t present mind-bending, indoctrinating, anti-human propaganda. Unfortunately, many kid’s movies seem to be going this route. This week the Liberty Hippie and Nicky P. take a look at Over the Hedge, a film from 2006 that only has a handful of human characters, but presents them with near zero redeeming qualities. And of course, what would an episode be if there wasn’t copious amounts of rabbit trails leading down a variety of free-market-green paths? Links If you enjoyed the show, you can find it on Facebook, give it a like and a share, or even a review on iTunes. And if you’re so inclined, you can always use the gmail to make your feelings heard: FreeMarketsGreenEarth@gmail.com. You can also support out Ben and Nicky through their own shows, Homesteads and Homeschools and Sounds Like Liberty, respectively.