Gamer Teaches Us To Play The Game With Better Rules: Misfit Family 003 Title Card

Gamer Teaches Us To Play The Game With Better Rules

In today’s episode, Nicky P And Lizzie talk with our friend, Luke Tatum. Luke teaches us about how we’re playing the finance game all wrong.

Today’s Guest: Luke Tatum

Luke Tatum is a financial planner and the author of Between The Lies: How To Reclaim Your Future From The Banks And Wall Street. Luke was a middle manager in retail for years before being led down the path of Austrian Economics and eventually Infinite Banking. The lessons he discovered down that path brought him the freedom many of us spend our lives searching for.

Gamer Teaches Us To Play The Game With Better Rules

The crux of Luke’s book is that most of us are taught the exact opposite of the best ways to build wealth. It’s in the best interests of those in power to acquire wealth at a higher rate than us plebs. During the interview, we cover Luke’s journey as well as some of the history his book shows.
Today’s episode should be a great lesson for all the parents that trust too easy. We all need to pay attention to the world out there and see if maybe we are being held back because we trusted the wrong people.
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