Tinkerer Turns Serial Entrepreneur: Misfit Family 002 Title Card

Tinkerer Turns Serial Entrepreneur: Misfit Family 002

In today’s episode, Tinkerer Turns Serial Entrepreneur, Nicky P And Lizzie talk with Jeff Rowberg about fits and starts in chasing our dreams.

Today’s Guest: Jeff Rowberg

On the surface, Jeff is your typical introvert & tinkerer. From an early age, he reveled in taking things apart and trying to rebuild them. He’s the kind of friend who likes talking about Hamm radios, definitely not the type you see becoming a tycoon. And he’s not. But he is a serial entrepreneur who has started plenty of ventures and worked his way up in scope.
Today’s episode should be a great lesson for all our tinkering moms and dads out there wondering if it is worth it to pursue their idea. Maybe you can be a Jeff and keep leveling up your ideas to greater successes.

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