Jack Lloyd: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 029

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Jack Lloyd, libertarian personality and creator of the Voluntaryist comic series.

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Jack Lloyd

Jack Lloyd is a producer for liberty, creating content for The Pholosopher, Voluntaryist – The Comic Series, and The Honest Teacher, among others. His works span a variety of mediums, from comic books, to music, to events, to his non-fiction books, The Definitive Guide to Libertarian Voluntaryism, A Vision for a Libertarian Future, and Philosophical Voluntaryism. Some of his most popular videos include the multi-million viewed “3 Common Gun Controlled Myths Debunked” and the music video “Mask Order” with over 120,000 plays on YouTube alone. Before becoming a full-time producer, he worked as a juvenile defense and entertainment lawyer and later, as a government schoolteacher.
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2023: A Year Of Wins And Rethinking Modern Marketing

The conversation begins with Jack reflecting back on the past year. It was a good year for Jack. From headlining musical performances at porcfest to the successful completion of his nonfiction libertarian philosophy trilogy. He rounds things off with the acclaimed music video “Break the Great Reset” and the continuation of the Voluntaryist comic book with the campaign for it’s newest arc the Suit Saga.

Amidst the successes, Jack acknowledges the evolving landscape of marketing and the necessity for adaptation. He candidly discusses the shifts in his approach, emphasizing the importance of proactive outreach and direct engagement with potential supporters. In a world inundated with digital noise, Jack’s strategy of personalized messaging stands out as a beacon of authenticity and connection that underscores the value of building meaningful relationships in a digital age dominated by algorithms and algorithms.

Navigating Social Media Algorithms And Balancing Presence and Trust

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms, creators often find themselves grappling with the complexities of algorithms and audience engagement. Nicky P laments his infrequent interaction with Facebook due to algorithmic frustrations. He questions the authenticity of follower counts and highlights the erosion of trust caused by algorithmic manipulations, particularly evident during politically charged periods like elections.

Jack Lloyd echoes this sentiment, acknowledging the frustration felt by creators whose content is overshadowed by algorithmic whims. Amidst the tumult of algorithmic uncertainties, Jack emphasizes the importance of purposeful curation for creators. Whether it’s cultivating a fan base or maintaining authenticity amidst diverse interests, Jack Lloyd advocates for a strategic approach to content creation. He underscores the need for creators to adapt to evolving audience preferences while staying true to their core message.

As the discussion unfolds, Jack Lloyd reflects on the evolution of content creation and the inherent challenges of diversification. He shares insights into navigating transitions between content genres and acknowledges the inevitable shifts in audience engagement. Citing Eric July as an example, he illustrates the frustrations some have had in the wake of Eric’s transitioning from critiquing mainstream culture to venturing into business-oriented content. Jack also emphasizes the need for adaptability in an ever-changing digital landscape despite the fickle nature of some fans.

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The Suit Saga Unveiled And Liberty And Christianity

As the conversation continues, Jack lets us in on what we can expect in this new Arc of his Voluntaryist comic series. The Suit Saga is, as the name would suggest, the story of how the titular character dons his costume. However, the story doesn’t stop there. We can expect new villains and plenty of other new elements to be presented.

In a thought-provoking exchange, Nicky P. and Jack Lloyd delve into the intersection of libertarian ideals and religious affiliations. Drawing from personal experiences and historical contexts, they explore the nuanced relationship between liberty and faith. From Protestant resistance to Catholic doctrine, the conversation navigates through intricate landscapes of belief and ideology. Despite ideological differences, there exists a common ground between libertarianism and certain strands of Christianity. Jack elucidates the parallels between Austrian economics and faith-based principles, highlighting shared assertions and foundational beliefs. Through a lens of mutual understanding, the dialogue transcends barriers, fostering an appreciation for diverse perspectives.

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The Pitfalls of Short-Term Controversy And Nurturing Relationships in Marketing

In the dialogue between Nicky P and Jack Lloyd, the convergence of politics and marketing is a necessary bridge to cross given Jack’s ideologically based brand. As an individual rooted in politics, he acknowledges the challenge of marketing to demographics with strong ideological inclinations. Nicky P wonders how Jack has navigated the waters during our particularly tumultuous time right now. Jack emphasizes the importance of staying principled even amidst divisive events that may cause rifts within the target demographics. While acknowledging the temptation to remain silent on controversial issues for the sake of business, Jack highlighted the value of unwavering principles. He emphasized the need to uphold personal values while carefully choosing words to avoid unnecessary alienation and warned against the detrimental effects of sporadic offense, which could ultimately erode long-term support and alienate genuine followers.

In a digital age obsessed with metrics, Jack Lloyd advocates for prioritizing quality over quantity in audience engagement. He emphasizes the significance of cultivating a loyal and engaged audience over amassing superficial followers. Jack’s approach underscores the importance of fostering genuine connections built on shared values and long-term commitment. Central to effective marketing strategies, Nicky P underscored the paramount importance of relationships. He emphasizes the need to invest in building genuine connections with both potential customers and supporters. Nicky stresses the value of reciprocity and discernment in fostering meaningful relationships, steering clear of those solely driven by self-interest.

Failure On Your Journey And Recognizing Your Feedback

Jack Lloyd’s venture into the world of comics traces back to a unique origin—an impromptu cosplay stint with his brother, advocating the mantra “taxation is theft.” This whimsical beginning laid the foundation for what would later become the Voluntaryist series. The journey like all others was fraught with challenges, and Jack’s odyssey was no exception. Balancing his passion for comics with the rigors of life, including studying for the bar exam, Jack embarked on a relentless pursuit to bring his vision to fruition. Despite encountering setbacks, failures, and the inevitable learning curves, he persevered, gradually refining his craft and honing the narrative essence of Voluntaryist.

Jack Lloyd’s voyage encapsulates a wealth of invaluable lessons for aspiring creators navigating the tumultuous seas of creativity. His advice resonates with a profound truth—that the journey toward artistic excellence is paved with experimentation, persistence, and a willingness to embrace failure. By heeding Jack’s wisdom, creators can embark on their own transformative odyssey, inching closer to their creative zenith. In addition central to Jack’s creative ethos is the embrace of constructive feedback as a catalyst for growth. He advocates discerning between genuine critique and baseless criticism, urging creators to heed the former while disregarding the latter. By fostering a culture of constructive feedback, creators can fine-tune their craft, rectify shortcomings, and evolve iteratively—a crucial aspect of the creative journey often overlooked.

Hopefully, today’s episode with Jack Lloyd serves as both inspiration and education in your own journey to bring your creation to the world.

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