Joseph Knowles: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 027

In today’s episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Joseph Knowles, one of the men behind Silence And Starsong magazine.

Let’s Meet Iron Age Creator Joseph Knowles

Joseph Knowles is a lawyer by training, but got into writing when he first attempted “National Novel Writing Month” in 2017. He grew up in Florida, but now lives in Virginia with his wife and three children. He talks to us today about Silence And Starsong magazine.
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From NaNoWriMo To Silence And Starsong Magazine

Like so many people these days, Joseph Knowles begins his story with the National Novel Writing Month challenge.  A lawyer by trade, he “made it work” but kept going until he was eventually able to sell some of his short stories.
With this background behind him, he began making friends with other like-minded creators. In one of those groups, they started throwing around the idea of publishing a volume of the stories they were pitching each other. Fearing they might not have enough for a full release, they opened the doors to other authors to homage the type of stories in C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy.

Christian Values In Writing And Working From Home

Joseph tells me that the key to differentiating themselves from other magazines out there is their adherence to Christian themes and not denigrating Christianity in their works. They don’t adhere to any specific sect but treat each other as fellow travelers, much like Lewis & Tolkien. It’s also exciting that Joseph acknowledges that too many creators put message before art.
As Joseph tells me about the plans for a second edition, we turn the discussion towards his personal work/life balance. Nicky P is a bit taken aback at anyone who can find the time to put out a magazine and manage a career as a lawyer. The secret he says is being able to work from home.
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Marriage & The Creative And Growing A Magazine Audience

Discussing relationships is a staple of this show. Healthy interpersonal relationships are the health and backbone of being successful as a creative. Nicky P asks Joseph how his marriage affects the creative process. As with many others, the support of a partner is a huge boon regarding stability and finding the time to work.
As well as the marriage relationships we follow up by getting into all the different cliches online to grow the audience. These can include conservative pundits or Christian organizations. Joseph walks us through how Silence And Star Song’s process progressed.
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Conservatives, Economics & Supporting The Arts With Your Dollars

As the conversation wraps up, Joseph and Nicky P get into some of the deep economic concepts that are preventing conservatives from taking over the arts as they want to. They complain as they allow their own money to prop up left-wing art in both the public and private sectors.
If economics isn’t your bag, I understand, but stick around to find out what big plans Joseph & the gents at Silence And Starsong in store for us.
Hopefully, today’s episode with Joseph Knowles serves as both inspiration and education in your own journey to bring your creation to the world.

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Shilling In The Iron Age

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