The other night, while working diligently to move back episodes of the podcast onto the new website, I found myself deep into a 3rd Wave Ska rabbit hole. I was mired deep in a Taang records Mighty Mighty Bosstones album, I believe it was Devils Night Out but you understand what that means. I needed to dig my way back so I threw on something slightly more contemporary. That turned out to be the This Is The Mad Caddies Spotify playlist. It did the trick. It also presented me with a revelation.

About ten songs in I’m pulled out of the mind-numbing work by a few words and a melody I recognize. It’s usually way faster and less smooth but sure enough it’s a cover I’ve never heard by these guys.

Enter: …And We Thought Nation States Were A Bad Idea – Mad Caddies edition

To truly understand the gravity of this revelation I need to connect a few dots. First: I love Propaghani’s music but wish they’d choke on their politics. Second: I’ve always been a ska kid. Skanking and plaid were always more me than a circle pit and leather. Think Jason Segel’s character In SLC Punk. I was that guy. This cover may as well have been the perfect answer to: “how can I listen to Propaghandi but not feel guilty supporting a socialist?” This song in particular has always drove me nuts because it, in particular, gets so close to seeing the real issues of money and power.

It baffles me endlessly why so many of the punk bands that guided me to where I am politically could end up so far askew. It seems like punk with its fuck authority attitude and DIY ethos should be the natural breeding ground for anarcho-capitalism. Sure, there’s a few of us but by and large the bands of my youth all seem to have found their way to socialism. You know, that political ideology that requires a gigantic bureaucracy to function.

Anyway here’s the original on YouTube.

What are your thoughts?