It’s been a long time since I’ve cared about Green Day. I checked out after Nimrod Honestly. Even that was a bit of an “i realize they’re a pop band now, but I still like it” sorta ting. I raised an eyebrow with American Idiot because the politics of it made sense in a post 9/11 world where i was watching my newfound adult rights being ripped away from me before I could use them. But even then they felt like a caricature of their earlier selves. They felt older if not yet old.

For the past decade I’d see them release something mediocre every once and a while and I could muster an “oh wow they’re still doing that.” (Read that in Aubrey Plaza’s voice to really understand the underwhelm it’s meant to convey.) But all that changes now. Enter: Oh Yeah!


This is the third single off of their forthcoming album: Father Of All Motherfuckers. I’ve bit my tongue through the first two (Father Of All… and Fire, Ready, Aim) which charitably sounded like overproduced knockoffs of bands that were popular about the same time American Idiot Came out. But I can bite my tongue no longer.

Billy Joe said in an interview that he wanted to channel some glam and motown in the new record and I truly hear the influence there. I suppose by influence I mean samples of Gary Glitter/Joan Jett. They gave up on writing interesting material long ago and just phone it in with straight cut/copy. Spacehog managed to do great glam pastiche in the mid to late 90’s and managed to be original about it. This is a slap in the face to the very genre.

The music video might be dumber than the music too. Weezer was at least kinda germane when they made the Pork & Beans video because Youtube was just coming into its own. This video feels about a decade to late on top of being overproduced as hell. I like modern R&B music and this music and video feel overproduced next to anything Jason Derulo or Post Malone have released.

I’ve already wasted too much of my day off complaining about this but dammit. Mike Dirnt deserves to be working a security kiosk for letting this travesty of an album happen. Can Good Charlotte release a new album, i imagine even that will feel a little more authentic than this.


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