We’ll get this episode started with analysis of a song by one of the great 90’s bands Everclear.  Let’s parse through the lyrics of Volvo Driving Soccer Momshttp://bit.ly/2wXQAMx

This week in our Music discovery segment Nicky’s picked Brooklyn, NY artists Crumb with Jinx. Here are his comments: Right from the start I know exactly how I’m supposed to feel. I’m staring out at the rain thinking about how things could have been different somehow. The songs are simple but move through fat reverby chords stuffed with synth patches that would make me feel like I’m in a late 70s psych-thriller if not for that soft lady voice peaking out.While it’s nothing particularly new or necessarily inventive, it’s executed perfectly. I think I might go stare at the rain some more and listen. http://crumbtheband.bandcamp.com/album/jinx

I’m bringing Morrow by California artist Tom Quell. It reminds me of the ‘grown folks music’ I used to hear as a kid stuff like curtis mayfield, but turned into Jamie Cullum style pop. It’s music you could listen to drinking a mimosa by the pool. Lots of crooning, lots of keyboards and heaps of harmonized vocals. I really couldn’t ask for more.Link:https://tomquell.bandcamp.com/album/marrow

Today we have and interview with Dean O of the Dean O Files. We talk about writing, Tumblr, and of course music Check out Dean O Files Here: http://bit.ly/31qvrID

Here are some of the artists we talked about:

Dean O Recommends

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