It’s important to me to own when I fail. I try to keep my mindset one of optimism because Lizzie & Erma rely on me but every now and again I have to just admit to myself that I fucked up.

This past Saturday Big Love had booked a gig for an 8AM 5K with one of our regular corporate clients. I should say that wasn’t the original time but It got pushed earlier and I’ll be blunt early really isn’t my time. At any rate I agreed to play it and on Friday night set my alarm for six thirty…I woke up about quarter to eight with obviously no time to get there, get set up let alone load the car. I let down my partner and a solid customer.

I’m not sure I should be broadcasting this on here but I think painting a realistic picture of how entrepreneurship has ups and downs will be useful to my daughter someday if nothing else. I must admit it’s not without some comfort that simply getting the words out into the open seems to carry.