Freedom Song 365 Archive

Weeks 31-35

Week 31

Starkville City Jail
Kitty History
A Man‘s A Man For A’ That
Pissed Off
Sons Of Liberty
Fault The Police

Week 32

Ball Of Confusion
Games Without Frontiers
The Government Blues
Taxation Is Theft
Bulls On Parade

Week 33

Letter Home
The Way It Is
The Ballad Of Do Nothing Man
Fortunate Son
I Belong To Me
The Prisoner

Week 34

Legalize It
Raise The Debt Cieling
My Own Country
Man The Machine
Fight The Power
Paper Chains
The State

Week 35


Sherry Voluntary

Sherry Voluntary


Sherry hosts The Sherry Voluntary Show & Postcards From Somalia podcasts as well as being an all around anarchist personality. Sherry writes really well.
Luke Tatum

Luke Tatum


Luke hosts the Culture Of Peace Podcast as well as having dabbled in music a bit himself. He seems to also be a competent writer.
Nicky P

Nicky P

Podcaster, Musician

Nicky is a  professional musician as well as the host of the Sounds Like Liberty, This Week In Liberpods, Free Markets Green Earth & The Introvert Musician podcasts. He’s not much of a writer but he’s  having fun on here.