Freedom Song 365

lessons in liberty through popular music

Week 36

Goodbye Blue Sky
If You've Got The Money
Shuttin Detroit Down
Fuck The System
Gears Of War
Hymn For The Dead

Week 37

Serfdom USA
One Nation Under Lies
Born Free
Black & Blue
Under Black Flags We March

Week 38

Wake Up
Who Can It Be Now?
General Butler
The Anarcho-Capitalist Theme Song
Destruction Preventer
Big Brother
Bloody Well Right

Week 39

I.P. is B.S.
Mission Profile
The Government Totally Sucks
Rise, Rebel, Resist
Soundtrack To The Rebellion

Week 40


Sherry Voluntary

Sherry Voluntary


Sherry hosts The Sherry Voluntary Show & Postcards From Somalia podcasts as well as being an all around anarchist personality. Sherry writes really well.

Luke Tatum

Luke Tatum

Finance Author/Advisor

Luke is the former host of the Culture Of Peace Podcast, owner of Perfect Spiral Capital, and author of Between The Lies: How to Reclaim Your Future from the Banks and Wall Street. He has dabbled in music himself and is an avid appreciator.

Nicky P

Nicky P

Marketer, Podcaster

Nicky P is a  professional marketer and musician, as well as hosting the Road To Hell Film Reviews, Misfit Family, and Iron Age Marketing podcasts. He formerly hosted the Sounds Like Liberty, This Week In Liberpods, and Free Markets Green Earth podcasts.