Freedom Song 365 Archive

Weeks 41-45

Week 41

Don't Tread On Me
Another Brick in the Wall, Pt 2
Fuck The Police
10th Man Down
Killing In The Name

Week 42

The Longest Time
One Hundred Years
Ban This Song
Anti-State War Machine
Leave It Alone
No Voice Of Mine
Hail The Apocalypse

Week 43

A Match Made In Heaven
Take The Power Back
Trench Of Corruption
In A Free Land
Seneca Falls
Rust in Peace...Polaris
I Fougt The Law

Week 44

Wake Up!
Mandatory Suicide
Marching Men
Bombs Away
Drop It Like It’s Hoppe

Week 45

Strange Fruit
Bury Me With My guns On
The Heart Of America
This Is War
Fuck The Po-Po
Major General Despair
Declaration Day


Sherry Voluntary

Sherry Voluntary


Sherry hosts The Sherry Voluntary Show & Postcards From Somalia podcasts as well as being an all around anarchist personality. Sherry writes really well.
Luke Tatum

Luke Tatum


Luke hosts the Culture Of Peace Podcast as well as having dabbled in music a bit himself. He seems to also be a competent writer.
Nicky P

Nicky P

Podcaster, Musician

Nicky is a  professional musician as well as the host of the Sounds Like Liberty, This Week In Liberpods, Free Markets Green Earth & The Introvert Musician podcasts. He’s not much of a writer but he’s  having fun on here.