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Free Markets Green Earth is the first podcast to  tackle environmentalism from a free market libertarian perspective.

Each week we discuss news and philosophy concerning the ways in which, while seeming counter-intuitive, the free market is the best way to save mother earth.

Our hosts Nicky P & The Liberty Hippie show us the most important test in any examination especially when concerning the environment: Follow The Incentives.

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Free Markets Green Earth 035: Strawmanning Libertarians On The Environment With Antony Sammeroff

by Feb 13, 2020Free Markets Green Earth0 comments

In today’s episode Ben & I got to talk to our good friend from across the pond Antony Sammeroff of The Scottish Liberty Podcast. Antony had sent me an article he stumbled across that seemed to really get wrong the libertarian position on the environment so we decided to do our best to dismantle it.

I know this is a longer episode but I urge to listen through because it was very fun as well as being insightful on a few fronts.

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