Free Markets Green Earth

Free Markets Green Earth is the first podcast to  tackle environmentalism from a free market libertarian perspective.

Each week we discuss news and philosophy concerning the ways in which, while seeming counter-intuitive, the free market is the best way to save mother earth.

Our hosts Nicky P & The Liberty Hippie show us the most important test in any examination especially when concerning the environment: Follow The Incentives.

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I know it’s a doozy but be aware i chopped mightily at this conversation to getr it down this short. Our guest Donnie Gebert brings to us his concept for a Direct Republic as a way to better ensure property rights with a decentralized legislature and allow us to attack environmental issues with a more sound legal backing, not as susceptible to graft and cronyism.

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Free Markets, Green Earth is hosted by Nicky P (Sounds Like Liberty, This Week In Liberpods & Parent 2 Podcaster) as well as The Liberty Hippie: Ben Pangie (Homesteads & Homeschools Podcast.)

Free Markets Green Earth is a proud creation of The Mad Audio Lab.